Roanne L. King writes women’s fiction that contains threads from her own life’s experiences. She began writing her first novel at the age of eleven and has since used life’s challenges and triumphs to write stories of encouragement and hope for her readers. She lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband where tales of their crazy real life are often shared via Instagram @roannewrites.


Beyond the Valley book cover

Is the stranger beyond the forest’s edge the answer to Lydia’s prayers or the reason Mama has hidden her from the world since birth?

For almost seventeen years, Lydia and her mama have served God by caring for the land and animals in the Valley. Other humans are no longer needed and only bring pain, war, and suffering. But one evening, all that changes when Mama is away to deliver offerings. Lydia encounters a man inside the forest who says that his family lives in the mining town of French Corral on the other side of the mountain.

Shocked to learn Lydia knows nothing of the outside world, the man promises to find the truth behind her isolated life. But she must keep their meeting a secret from Mama—for their protection.

Then tragedy forces Lydia into the world beyond the Valley, and she must learn how to make a new life and trust God in ways she never imagined.

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Turmoil, tragedy, and temptation threaten to destroy the very foundations of the life Dylan Prescot has built for himself and Lydia.

Overwhelmed by the demands and unexpected challenges of running a sheep ranch in 1906 Penn Valley, California, Dylan and Lydia Prescot’s marriage is hanging on by a thread. When the couple journey to San Francisco to reignite their marriage and seek answers about Lydia’s heritage, a city-wide disaster separates them while at opposite ends of the city.

Uncertain of the other’s fate, Dylan and Lydia must overcome emotional and physical obstacles to find each other again. Will an unlikely source of hope be the answer to their prayers and give them another chance at a life together before the city destroys them from the inside out?

To be released February 14, 2021. Pre-Order details coming soon.