BEYOND THE VALLEY – book 1 no eye has seen

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20th Century Northern California Historical Fiction

Readers are drawn to powerful parallels in Lydia’s journey of finding God’s truth and purpose—despite her isolated upbringing.

Is the stranger beyond the forest’s edge the answer to Lydia’s prayers or the reason Mama has hidden her from the world since birth?


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About Beyond the Valley (Book 1, No Eye Has Seen)

For almost seventeen years, Lydia and her mama have served God by caring for the land and animals in the Valley. Other humans are no longer needed and only bring pain, war, and suffering. But one evening, all that changes when Mama is away to deliver offerings. Lydia encounters a man inside the forest who says that his family lives in the mining town of French Corral on the other side of the mountain. Shocked to learn Lydia knows nothing of the outside world, the man promises to find the truth behind her isolated life. But she must keep their meeting a secret from Mama—for their protection.

Then tragedy forces Lydia into the world beyond the Valley, and she must learn how to make a new life and trust God in ways she never imagined.


This is a story of much more than self-discovery, well-crafted prose, romance and historical fiction. ~ Christina Ivazes, Youth Mentor and Writer

This book is beautifully written. It has a plot that keeps pulling you along. ~ Terry Houchin, Author

Lydia lives in a half-real, half-fantasy world of her mother’s invention, hidden in a tranquil valley. Horses run off and disappear beyond its boundaries. Shadowy figures visit. Increasingly, Lydia suspects the existence of a more populated world beyond, but no one comes to clue her in or take her there until tragedy strikes. Intriguing from the first page, this historical novel takes the reader on an unforgettable journey of romance and discovery. I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter. ~ Dana Sudboro, member of Inspire Christian Writers, Author, and Professor at Epic Bible College

We get to discover faith, love, and family through her eyes. It’s as bumpy a ride for her as it can be for us. I especially enjoy Lydia’s faltering attempts to describe San Francisco. The period comes through in vivid detail, but King is at her best when showing us the small moments when faith and love are born, challenged, and strengthened. ~ Ricky Charlet, member of Inspire Christian Writers

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