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Bold but Gentle~Somewhere in Between Jerk and Doormat

Gentleness may conjure up the image of a mother cuddling her newborn. Yet many circumstances and relationships require gentleness in both attitude and action. Gentleness isn't about being soft-spoken, silent, or sweet. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for … Continue reading Bold but Gentle~Somewhere in Between Jerk and Doormat

Limiting Options Equals Creativity for Kids

When we made the move to downsize, my boys' plethera of toys also diminished. Over the years I have noticed that the more choices the kids have regarding play or entertainment, the more I hear the words "I'm bored!" Frustrated, I admit I usually return their complaint with something like "I have plenty for you … Continue reading Limiting Options Equals Creativity for Kids

Learning to Manage FMS

For several weeks, my myofascial pain has been gone. The skin sensitivity I felt from my ankles to the base of my skull is either gone or hardly noticeable. I credit this improvement to the hormone balancing supplements, increase in water, and detoxification efforts. My symptoms this morning include: Some muscle fatigue in my legs … Continue reading Learning to Manage FMS

Needing to Network

During this past week, I have realized the need to network. I ordered new business cards reflecting a broader range of services I would like to offer as a contractor. For the time being, I am calling myself a "communications consultant." This title will allow me to go beyond freelance writing for magazines. On Thursday, … Continue reading Needing to Network