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Releasing Myself of Expectations

If I examine each of my relationships and our typical conversations, they are almost all focused on comparing and not completing (or embracing our differences). And at the core, isn’t this also about expectations?

Ode to Psalm 129 #April #PoetryMonth

Stair 10 in the Psalms of Ascent (Stepping Up Study by Beth Moore) At the beginning of 2008, I participated in a group Bible study on the Psalms of Ascent. I truly miss diving into the word via Beth Moore's teaching. On occasion, I will take out my box of Bible study workbooks (I once … Continue reading Ode to Psalm 129 #April #PoetryMonth

When Failure is Part of God’s Plan

Failure according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: 1a: omission of occurrence or performance; specifically: a failing to perform a duty or expected action b (1) : a state of inability to perform a normal function c: a fracturing or giving way under stress 2a: lack of success b: a failing in business 3a: a falling short (deterioration or decay) 4 : one that has failed Is it … Continue reading When Failure is Part of God’s Plan

My Broken Hallelujah

My Broken Hallelujah

How incredible is the Creator of the Universe, who could use anything to turn the hearts of man—yet chooses the weary, the orphan, the defeated—to represent his powerful grace and mercy and give meaning to what the world would say is meaningless?

Now is the time for Joy, Abundance, Peace and Rest!

Before I took control of the battle of my mind and gave my circumstances over to God, finding the energy to write seemed impossible. My writing had been on the back-burner despite my initial reaction that job loss=more writing time. I have this need to get everything else done before I write. I rarely succeed. Eventually I give in, … Continue reading Now is the time for Joy, Abundance, Peace and Rest!