Tag: Balancing Family and Career

Expendable to the World, but Never to God

About a week ago, I stood at my writing desk just before heading off to work and said this prayer… Lord Jesus, please help me to have more time and energy to write for Your glory. I just don’t understand why this calling to write can be so strong, yet I have nothing left to … Continue reading Expendable to the World, but Never to God

Finding the Story by Finding the Reason

How my analysis of daily life helps me to discover plot and character traits. Lately, my own personality quirks have afflicted me. How can I be the practical, rational, and organized working woman/mother/friend/wife  while also being the creative, expressive, unique writer? I have stewed for weeks about how I will ever find a rhythm between my … Continue reading Finding the Story by Finding the Reason

I Should Know Better

During the past several months I have finally had some time to reflect on my career focus. As much as I would like this blog to be a focus for professional pursuits, I also need a place to share my personal journey of success and failure in the areas where I would be most effective … Continue reading I Should Know Better