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Expendable to the World, but Never to God

About a week ago, I stood at my writing desk just before heading off to work and said this prayer… Lord Jesus, please help me to have more time and energy to write for Your glory. I just don’t understand why this calling to write can be so strong, yet I have nothing left to … Continue reading Expendable to the World, but Never to God

Danger Under the Clutter!

My husband spent the greater part of Labor Day cleaning out his half of our garage. He runs a wood flooring business so over time he has collected several piles of left-over wood flooring. Various tools also clutter the shelves and floor along the perimeter. One corner in particular was an awful mess. Over the … Continue reading Danger Under the Clutter!

More than Managing Pain

When I first started experiencing symptoms of fibromyalgia back in October, I refused to think my pain was a permanent condition. I was taking 16 units in online classes, writing freelance articles, volunteering at least 20 hours per week and trying to manage a household of seven. I kept telling myself as soon as school … Continue reading More than Managing Pain