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A Sacrificial Circle of Love

June 2003~ The Beginning of the Unexpected I avoided glancing up at my reflection in the wall-sized mirror, avoiding the truth about to be revealed by the slender plastic wand I would pee on in just a few moments. I washed my hands and avoided eye contact with the pregnancy test as if it were … Continue reading A Sacrificial Circle of Love

Learning to Manage FMS

For several weeks, my myofascial pain has been gone. The skin sensitivity I felt from my ankles to the base of my skull is either gone or hardly noticeable. I credit this improvement to the hormone balancing supplements, increase in water, and detoxification efforts. My symptoms this morning include: Some muscle fatigue in my legs … Continue reading Learning to Manage FMS

More than Managing Pain

When I first started experiencing symptoms of fibromyalgia back in October, I refused to think my pain was a permanent condition. I was taking 16 units in online classes, writing freelance articles, volunteering at least 20 hours per week and trying to manage a household of seven. I kept telling myself as soon as school … Continue reading More than Managing Pain

I Should Know Better

During the past several months I have finally had some time to reflect on my career focus. As much as I would like this blog to be a focus for professional pursuits, I also need a place to share my personal journey of success and failure in the areas where I would be most effective … Continue reading I Should Know Better