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My Broken Hallelujah – Below the Mountain Connection

How incredible is the Creator of the Universe, who could use anything to turn the hearts of man—yet chooses the weary, the orphan, the defeated—to represent his powerful grace and mercy and give meaning to what the world would say is meaningless?

Finding the Story by Finding the Reason

How my analysis of daily life helps me to discover plot and character traits. Lately, my own personality quirks have afflicted me. How can I be the practical, rational, and organized working woman/mother/friend/wife  while also being the creative, expressive, unique writer? I have stewed for weeks about how I will ever find a rhythm between my … Continue reading Finding the Story by Finding the Reason

Jury Summons and Character Details

Two weeks ago the letter came. "Official Jury Summons Enclosed." I didn't think I had lived in California long enough to make it on the list, but I guess it's one of the rewards I get for being a registered voter. Actually, I don't mind fulfilling my civic duty. Fulfilling it while my kids are … Continue reading Jury Summons and Character Details